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    What are the characteristics of low pressure Po material?

    release time:2020-03-25  viewed:759次
     PO material characteristics:
    1, PO film transparency, high brightness, better than ordinary polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE).
    2. The PO film has high tensile strength and strong impact resistance, which makes the product with good rigidity after packaging and is not easy to be broken or damaged. Its performance is better than PVC and single-layer polypropylene PP film.
    3. PO film has good low temperature resistance and is not easy to age. After product packaging, at -50℃ ~ +90℃, no deformation, no shrinkage, no rupture, no hard and not brittle, performance better than PVC and polyethylene PE film.
    4. The density of PO film is only 0.92, while the density of PVC is nearly 1.4. Therefore, the proportion of PO film is 34% smaller than that of PVC, and the area of PO film of products with the same thickness and weight is 34% larger than that of PVC.
    At the same time, the tensile strength of PO film is greater than that of PVC. When the thickness of PO film decreases by 30-50% compared with that of PVC film, the packaging effect will not decrease due to the high tensile strength of PO film.
    Therefore, when products are packaged with PO film, the unit cost will not increase and the effect will be better. For example, the PO film with a thickness of 15-19 cycles can replace the PVC film with a thickness of 25-40 cycles.

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