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    The difference between high and low pressure film blowing machine and ABA film blowing machine

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     Characteristics of high and low pressure film blowing machine
    High and low pressure film blowing machine is used for blowing high and low pressure polyethylene, the products are widely used in composite film, packaging film, agricultural covering film, textiles, clothing bags or film packaging; The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which increases the stability of the main machine speed regulation, and can save 30% of the electricity. The screw barrel adopts 38 chromium-molybdenum-aluminum, and the traction frame adopts the lifting type after nitriding treatment.
    ABA blown film machine
    ABA film blowing machine is to use two film blowing machines and A three-layer co-extrusion die head to blow plastic film, in which the surface and the bottom layer of A Shared extruder, we call it A, another extruder is the middle layer of the film, we call it B, so the blowing out of the film formed A, B, A three-layer co-extrusion film.
    This equipment we collectively known as ABA film blowing unit, the application of ABA film blowing machine can be blown AAA film and ABA film. The finished film suitable for blowing is as follows:
    One, composite packaging film
    Two, protective film
    Three, express bag membrane
    4. Thermal shrinkage film
    Five, agricultural plastic film
    Other packaging film, etc

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