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    How to distinguish PE, PO, PP, OPP plastic bag material

    release time:2020-03-13  viewed:803次
    While governments around the world are restricting the use of plastic bags, they remain an essential part of business for retailers. At present in the domestic market, the business custom plastic bags is still very common. So how can retailers identify the materials of custom bags?
    High pressure bag and low pressure bag
    These two kinds of common commercial material, belong to PE material, but they have different characteristics. The former feels more soft, the outside light burnish, more firm (have tenacity), accordingly, the bag that portable bag, industry packing needs finished product bag, often can use this kind of material.
    The application scope of low-pressure bag is mainly the shopping mall, supermarket, food industry, etc., such as the low-pressure bag used in the kitchen of the restaurant, as well as the vest bag sold to consumers by the supermarket, are made of this material. Its appearance is characterized by tensile resistance, occasionally tear not easy deformation. The hardness is also strong, not easy to be blunt material puncture.
    Both are made of PE. How to distinguish the two kinds of plastic bags? One of the easiest ways to do this is to tear open the bag like a line of paper. If there are white marks in the tear, it can be proved that it is a low-pressure bag. If there are no white marks, it is a high-pressure bag. If the merchant has both low pressure bag and high pressure bag in his hands, when doing this experiment, he will obviously feel that the high pressure bag will have greater resistance when slapping.
    The highest transparency PP bag, OPP bag
    These two kinds of bags are the most transparent among all plastic bags, so they are often customized into the packaging of clothes and gifts. The difference between the two is that the PP bag is relatively hard and smooth. Shake it with your hand and it will make a big sound. In general, plastic bags will not leave the traces of folding, but PP material plastic bags folded in half, but will be like a paper crease.
    The transparency of OPP bag is also very high, but the difference is that OPP is more fragile, because it is more fragile, so it is easier to damage, but this damage is on the basis of the already burst, this kind of customized plastic bag material, once a hole, it is easy to tear open.
    Above 4 kinds of material pledge, it is the commonest on the market at present, distinction method is simpler also. Of course, the quality of custom plastic bags, and not from these several simple methods all get the answer, retailers can start with the manufacturer's reputation, choose the good faith plastic bag manufacturers.

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