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    Do you have any experience in choosing a film blowing machine

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     Case study: it is not a scientific method to purchase equipment at a fixed price.
    For example: two gentlemen have been laid off. They can not only solve their own work problems, but also promote their relatives and friends.
    After a lot of analysis, we decided to set up a plastic film factory.
    The preparatory work for choosing the equipment of the film blowing machine has started. Two gentlemen have their own opinions. Mr. a insists on choosing cheap ones for the reason that they don't
    Our factory is also producing. The blown film looks good. Why should we increase equipment investment? Mr. B insists on the high price
    The reason for the equipment is that no matter from the appearance of the equipment, or from the structure of the equipment and the equipment with low price, it is good for the future product quality
    To be helpful to.
    After all, because two people have different opinions, the plan cannot be determined. Relatives and friends put forward a suggestion: two people purchase one equipment respectively for half a year
    After the joint liquidation, according to the actual effect of the demonstration of whose opinions are accurate, who will be the boss of the enterprise in the future. Two cheerfully agreed.
    The equipment was in place and put into production as planned. Six months passed quickly. Each of them will make their own achievements in front of their relatives and friends
    The results are as follows: Zhimeng content management system
    Equipment with low price: equipment with high price:
    It can produce 2 kinds of films and 6 kinds of films
    Maximum output per hour 50kg maximum output per hour 80kg
    The average power consumption per hour is 27 ℃; the average power consumption per hour is 33 ℃
    540 kwh / ton, 412.5 kwh / ton
    17 times of machine failure shutdown maintenance and 1 time of machine failure shutdown
    3.7 tons of finished products returned in total and 180kg of finished products returned in total (caused by human factors)
    In the face of the above index comparison, Mr. a first said: I have just begun to understand what is the performance price ratio. It seems that I will start a business in the future
    Industry should have a long-term vision, to learn to calculate big accounts, short-sighted is not able to do big things.

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