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    Do you know the material of common plastic bags

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     Plastic bags are indispensable in people's daily life, often used to hold other items. It is widely used for its advantages of low cost, light weight, large capacity and convenient storage. Let's find out what kind of plastic is used to produce plastic bags.
    1、 Plastic bag material classification?
    1. High pressure polyethylene plastic bag
    High pressure polyethylene, also known as low-density polyethylene (LDPE), is translucent. The transparency of plastic bag products is generally better than that of low-pressure polyethylene. There are three main uses:
    A. Food packaging: pastry, candy, fried goods, biscuits, milk powder, salt, tea, etc;
    B. Fiber packaging: shirts, clothing, cotton products, chemical fiber products;
    C. Packaging of daily chemical products
    2. Low pressure polyethylene plastic bag
    Low pressure polyethylene, also known as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is generally translucent due to its high crystallinity and poor transparency, which is worse than HDPE high-pressure polyethylene plastic bag products. There are four main uses: This article is from Zhimeng
    A. Garbage bag, bacteria bag;
    B. Convenience bag, shopping bag, handbag, vest bag;
    C. Fresh keeping bag;
    D. Woven bag inner bag
    copyright dedecms
    3. Polypropylene plastic bag
    The crystallization energy of polypropylene plastic bag is weaker than that of polyethylene, especially random polypropylene, which has the weakest crystallinity. The transparency of its plastic bag products is much higher than that of polyethylene. Good dream weaving, good dream weaving
    Mainly used for packaging textiles, cotton products, clothing, shirts and so on
    The first three plastic bags are not easy to be dyed or printed due to the nonpolarity of their material structure, so they need to be printed.
    4. PVC plastic bag
    PVC plastic bags are produced by blow molding of PVC resin. Compared with the first three plastic bags, chlorine element is introduced into the material structure, which makes the crystallization effect weak and the transparency of products high. At the same time, due to the addition of chlorine element, the material itself has certain polarity and is easy to be printed and colored. Its main uses are as follows:
    A. Gift bag;
    B. Bags, bags for cotton products and cosmetics;
    Good dream weaving, good dream weaving
    2、 Diversified development of plastic bag components
    The above four kinds of plastic bags are commonly used. Do you think that all the small braids can be identified. Of course, this doesn't mean that Xiaobian can know all kinds of materials. In fact, there are few single component plastic bag materials now.
    Take PE for example!

    PE is often used as membrane material, plate or bar, such as disposable plastic bags. Because the polarity of polyethylene molecular structure is weak, the surface energy is relatively low, and it is not easy to print, so pure PE plastic bags are generally colorless and translucent, and they feel no viscosity of PVC film. In addition, PE also has a strong crystallinity, so PE board and bar show white opaque state. Good dream weaving, good dream weaving These are the summaries of small books or labs. But when I went shopping in the supermarket and saw such a plastic bag, I was immediately dumbfounded:

    At that time, the small edition was covered. What kind of information is it? The PE plastic bag? Is it colorless and translucent? It's not easy to print? >(PE-LD + PE-LLD) - md15 < what is this string of letters???
    Well, the supplies are much better than they were supposed to be. Guess, PE-LD should be LDPE, low density polyethylene, PE-LLD should be LLDPE linear low density polyethylene. What is md15? I can't guess that. I can only look up the data obediently. After the haizha, we finally found the following statement:

    This table is so reliable because it comes from China's national standard. Interested partners can directly search gb21660-2008. The meaning of MD is also explained in this standard: MD is mineral powder, ST is starch, and the figure is the mass fraction of the additive (%) In order that you who are reading this article will actually use this table, Xiaobian makes two examples of this: Example 1: LDPE with 30% (mass fraction) starch (st), expressed as: > (PE-LD) - ST30 < copyright dedecms For mixtures containing more than one filler, the percentage content of the filler shall be described and enclosed in parentheses. Zhimeng content management system Example 2: containing 15% (mass fraction) mineral powder and 25% (mass fraction) starch (st) polypropylene, expressed as: PP - (ST25 + md15) < or > PP - (st + MD) 40 < copyright dedecms 3、 How many plastic digital signs do you know How much do you know about these common plastic digital logos? If you don't know, you'd better not say that you are learning polymer (plastic, rubber), otherwise it will be really embarrassing. 3、 How many plastic digital signs do you know
    In addition, the "04" in the three circular arrows also corresponds to LDPE code, and if there is no number in the middle of the arrow, it means that the plastic bag can not be recycled.

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