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    Mao Xin's answer - key points of daily maintenance of film blowing machine

    release time:2020-03-03  viewed:482次
     After the film blowing enterprise is put into production, in order to achieve the expected output of the enterprise, the film blowing machinery in the factory workshop basically runs continuously. Full load operation of the film blowing equipment for the loss of the fuselage is relatively large, if not timely to the film blowing machine fuselage for maintenance, long-term down the film blowing machine is prone to problems. So, as a film blowing machine operator, how to do a good job in maintenance? Now Guangdong Maoxin on how to maintain plastic film blowing machine and share a little related knowledge with you.

    1、 As a film blowing machine operator, he should check the temperature of the machine once every 30 minutes or so to see if it is the standard temperature value at work. If the temperature of the heating appliance is too high or too low, please adjust the temperature value in time, which is conducive to the normal operation of the machine and the quality of the products.
    2、 Check the traction speed of the film blowing machine every short period of time. If the speed is abnormal, adjust the control in time, which is also the key part to control the thickness and quality of the film products.
    3、 Observe whether the thickness of the film is uniform and the diameter of the film is in accordance with the standard.
    4、 Check the pressure of air storage cylinder. It is required that the pressure should not be too high, but the standby pressure should be reached.
    5、 Check whether the ratio of raw materials is standard, whether the mixer operates normally, and whether the mixed raw materials are even.
    6、 Check whether there are impurities in the raw materials. This step must be careful. If there are hard substances and impurities in the raw materials, it will not only affect the quality of the products, but also easily damage the important internal parts of the film blowing machine.
    7、 Before the operation of the whole unit, check the lubricating oil inside the reducer and air compressor cylinder. If the lubricating oil is not too much, it must be added in time to avoid abnormal heating and burning during operation.
    8、 Observe each motor and heating device of the whole unit to see whether its operation state and temperature are normal. If any problem is found, make a record in time and find a suitable opportunity to stop the unit for adjustment and treatment.
    Generally speaking, the operators of the film blowing machine need to have a good working attitude, operate the machine in a certain principle, know which equipment is prone to problems, and formulate detailed maintenance and inspection work forms. The above detailed work can not only ensure the good operation of the machine to ensure the quality of products, but also extend the service life of the machine.

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