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    Mao Xin's answer - Notes on blown film process

    release time:2020-03-03  viewed:680次
     In the process of blown film, we need to adjust the machine. There are many safety problems and technical operations that need our attention.
    Operating procedures shall be formulated according to equipment and other conditions.
    1、 Preparation before work
    1. Check whether the workshop and machine meet the requirements of environmental sanitation. Check whether there is dust around the corona treatment device to avoid static electricity after startup.
    2. Check whether the wearing of protective equipment meets the safety requirements.
    3. Check whether the blowing resin is damped, and the water content shall not exceed 0.3%, and sundries shall not be mixed in the raw materials.
    2、 Preparation before driving
    1. Before start-up, open the cooling water valve to cool the feeding device and check whether the water path is smooth.
    2. Whether the lubricating oil of the reducer is filled to the reference line of the oil level gauge.
    3. Check whether the cooling blower system is in good condition.
    4. Whether there are impurities in the feed hopper and whether the feeding device is normal.
    5. Whether the inside of the air ring is clean, whether the center position is consistent with the mold center, and whether the air output is uniform.
    6. After power supply, first check whether the indicator of each heating section is sensitive, whether the millivolt estimation is normal, and whether the ammeter is in the normal position. Start heating and check whether the mercury thermometer reaches the given temperature range.
    7. Under no-load condition, start the main and auxiliary machines, observe whether the ammeter and voltmeter are normal, and then put them into load operation.
    8. Adjust the temperature control switch to the required position and make the temperature reach the process operating temperature. The start-up temperature should be 10-20 ℃ higher than the normal production temperature.
    9. When heating to the required temperature, change the copper mesh cloth (60-100 mesh, 2-3 layers), and clean the focal spot at the film mouth (clean with copper wire to avoid damaging the film mouth).
    Three, driving
    When the temperature of each area and die head of the main machine reaches the operating temperature, the machine can be started only after half an hour. First turn the pulley by hand to confirm that there is no problem before starting the main engine at a low speed, listen to whether there is abnormal sound, see whether there is overload, check whether the components are normal before starting to the required speed.
    1. Charging. First, the extruder runs at a low speed, and a small amount of material is added. When the plastic passes through the head in a molten state and is blown into a barrel, the screw speed is gradually increased, and then a large amount of material is added. This article comes from Zhimeng
    2. Material extraction. Concentrate the melting boredom through the head, lift it up, and put a small amount of air together to prevent adhesion.
    3. Feed roller. The lifted tube bubbles are fed into the traction roller through the wind ring, herringbone splint and the traction roller. The bubbles are pressed into the flat film through the traction roller, and then sent into the coiler through the guide roller.
    4. Inflate. After the bubble is fed to the roller, the air can be blown into the bubble until the required range is reached, and the pressure in the bubble is kept constant.
    5. Adjustment. The blown film shall be inspected by operators according to the quality requirements, and the unqualified items shall be properly adjusted. The thickness tolerance of the film can be obtained by adjusting the film lip clearance, cooling air volume and traction speed. The width tolerance of the film can be corrected mainly by the size of air inflation. Roll the qualified film into a cylinder.
    4、 Quality inspection
    1. Check whether the width of the film diameter is in accordance with the tolerance standard.
    2. Check if the film thickness meets the tolerance standard.
    3. Check the appearance quality standard of the film.
    Five, stop
    The stop step is basically the opposite of the start-up step. Before stopping, turn off the heating power of the fuselage, then return the main engine to the low speed position, and finally cut off the power supply. If PV blown film is used, the die head must be removed, the screw must be cleaned, and then the power supply must be cut off. Complete the whole process of parking and create good conditions for the next driving.
    6、 Other precautions: dream weaving content management system
    1. The diameter of the reel is generally about 300 mm, so as to facilitate the printing application of the next process, the packaging is neat and strictly prevent pollution.
    2. Do not screw the adjusting screw of the instrument blindly.
    3. It is not allowed to operate under no load to avoid damaging the barrel.
    4. Strictly prevent scrap iron, small tools and other sundries from falling into the hopper, and immediately stop the machine for inspection and repair in case of any abnormal phenomenon during operation.
    5. Check the operation of thermocouples and temperature indicating regulators frequently, and replace them immediately in case of damage.
    6. Wipe the machine before work to keep it in good condition.
    7. Fill in the production record carefully and do the shift work well.

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