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    Maoxin answer - common problems and solutions of bag making machine

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     Do you find that the machine is often overspeed and shut down when making bags? Next, Maoxin electromechanical will analyze and answer the solutions to the problems of the machine one by one!
    The machine often overspeed, shutdown?
    Cause of failure:
    1. Short length setting
    2. The host speed is too fast
    3. The photoelectric sensitivity of the color code is not adjusted properly
    4. Electrostatic eliminator interference
    1. Increase the length setting appropriately
    2. Slow down the speed of the host properly
    3. Readjust the photoelectric sensitivity of the color code
    4. Machine grounding or electrostatic eliminator shell grounding
    Can't the main motor of bag making machine start?
    Cause of failure:
    1. The contactor of the main engine is damaged or the control circuit of the contactor is blocked
    2. Small relay damaged
    3. Engine start button failure
    1. Replace the main contactor, check and connect its control circuit
    2. Replace the small relay
    3. overhaul
    Does the discharging motor behind the bag making machine run?
    Cause of failure:
    1. Motor damaged
    2. Discharge eye failure
    3. Discharge plate failure
    4. Thread head falling off
    1. Check the motor or replace it
    2. Check the electric eye
    3. Check the bidirectional thyristor
    4. Check the wire and connect the wire head
    Is the welding line of bag making machine not firm?
    Cause of failure:
    1. Low temperature
    2. Insufficient pressure
    1. Readjust the temperature of sealing knife and base
    2. Increase cutter sealing pressure
    What are the reasons for the poor feeding of printing bags and the lack of sensitivity of electric eyes? Good dream weaving, good dream weaving
    First, check whether the electric eye is used correctly. Generally, the electric eye is best if the bag is monochromatic blue and the heavy color is red. Red can be used for monochromatic and heavy color. The roller under the electric eye of the edge rectifying machine is to spray black. If the bag is monochromatic and heavy, the white bottom is best.
    How long does the new machine not cut the bag? Does the cutter cut the thin film continuously, or does the cutter cut a certain part continuously?
    Cause of failure:
    The main reason is that after a period of running in, the gap between the slider and the copper pad is too large, resulting in continuous cutting.
    1. Adjust the top seam of the copper pad: (M6 inner hexagon), until the slide of the upper knife beam cannot be moved by hand, but it cannot be adjusted too tightly. When the machine is started to cut 15-20 pieces per minute, there is no obvious shaking of the upper beam to prove that the gap is just tight! copyright dedecms
    2. Adjust the spring pressure of upper beam!
    How long and how short is the bag?
    1. There is much dust on the photoelectric head;
    2. The photoelectric sensitivity is not enough;
    3. The tracking power is not obvious;
    4. Excessive knife sealing pressure;
    5. There is dirt on the rubber stick;
    6. Excessive discharge tension;
    7. The air pressure at the front and middle rubber rollers is small;
    8. Feeding and pressing are not synchronized;
    9. The distance between photoelectricity and cutter is too long;
    10. The difference between waiting time and heat sealing time is too large;
    11. The speed is too high;
    What are the common factors that cause the sealing of flat and R machines not firm?
    1. Check whether the hot knife is stuck. If the hot knife seal is not smooth, the seal may be firm or not
    2. Check whether the knife edge will be deformed and bent due to heating. The inspection method is to turn the hot knife to the bottom. When the hot knife just touches the silicon rubber roller or silicon rubber plate, judge whether the hot knife is bent by light transmission method. If it is bent, repair the knife edge flatness.
    3. Check whether the film is too strong for electrons. Use the film with no electrons to seal and cut to see if there is obvious change in the sealing. If so, it is proved that the film is too strong for electrons. It is recommended to change a coil.
    The distance between the sealing line of the flat cutting machine and the cutting edge is not stable, there will be an error change of 1-4mm, but the total length error of the cut bag is within 1mm, what's the reason?
    Cause of failure:
    1. The dimension processing of each spare part is not accurate, and the dimension chain is not in accordance with the drawing requirements, resulting in the dimension chain not meeting the design requirements.
    2. If the shoulder of the rubber stick is not aligned, it may cause the rubber roll to move in series under the influence of the axial force after a long period of running in.
    3. The direction of the hole position of the linear bearing on the bottom plate of the side plate shall not be reversed, otherwise the assembly of future parts will be affected.
    What should I do if I can't get up and down?
    Fault reason: This article comes from Zhimeng
    1. The thickness of the composite film is not uniform, and there is a ruffle edge;
    2. The tension of double floating roller is too small;
    3. Some rolls do not rotate smoothly.
    1. Adjust the tension of double floating roller;
    2. Check and adjust relevant guide rollers (such as compensating roller, adjusting roller, etc.).
    How to deal with the irregular cutting line?
    Cause of failure:
    (1) Cutter wear
    (2) Insufficient pressure of pressure spring of cutter
    (3) The angle of upper knife is not adjusted well
    (4) Foreign matters on the cutter
    (5) Cutter bending
    (6) Poor cooling effect
    (7) The resin used has too high viscosity and strength.
    (1) Replace or adjust the cutter.
    (2) Adjust the pressure of the cutter pressure spring
    (3) Adjust the angle of the upper blade.
    (4) Enhance cooling effect
    (5) Adjust the base resin formula.
    Editor: Guangdong Maoxin electromechanical Co., Ltd

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