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    2018 Myanmar International Rubber and plastic printing and packaging exhibition

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     The 2018 Myanmar International Rubber and plastic printing and packaging exhibition will be held in Yangon Convention Center (YCC). Located in the center of Yangon, YCC is the largest and most modern exhibition center in Myanmar, 20 minutes from Yangon International Airport. The facilities of the conference center meet the requirements of national and international conferences, large-scale public and trade exhibitions, company conferences and large-scale events. YCC will include four indoor exhibition halls with a total area of 10000 square meters, and special on-site parking lot and seminar / conference facilities. Yangon Conference Center is the main place of Myanmar trade exhibition.

    Product introduction:
    Bag making machine is a kind of machine for making all kinds of plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is various sizes, thicknesses and specifications of plastic or other material packaging bags. Generally speaking, plastic packaging bags are the main products. This time, Guangdong Maoxin mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. is exhibiting a full-automatic double-layer point breaking and rolling bag making machine. The equipment is applicable to the fields of production point breaking and rolling bag garbage bag, supermarket bag, fresh-keeping bag, etc.; the products are controlled by Japanese servo motor, frequency conversion speed regulation in Taiwan, tracking color printing with Italian photoeye; equipped with paper core and no paper core device; removed the winding device and replaced the flat cutter to produce Flat pocket and vest bag, one machine for multi-purpose, cost saving.

    The exhibition industry has plastic machinery and related equipment: injection molding machine, blow molding machine, bag making machine, extruder and extrusion production line; rubber processing machine, calender plastic pre processing, recycling machinery and equipment; post processing and other processing machinery foam, reaction or enhanced resin machinery measurement, control and test equipment.


    日期 星期 入场时间
    20181101 星期四  10:00~17:30
    20181102 星期五  10:00~17:30
    20181103 星期六  10:00~17:30
    20181104 星期天  10:00~16:00


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