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    Maintenance of professional film blowing machine

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    Film blowing machine is a kind of plastic machinery that can heat and melt plastic particles and then blow them into film. As a kind of machinery, it naturally needs daily careful inspection and observation and regular maintenance. Then, what aspects of key maintenance should be carried out by film blowing machine manufacturers?
    1. Feeding machine system: timely clean the filter, carefully inspect and observe whether there is air leakage in the negative pressure feeding system.
    2. Extruder system:
    ① Check the current of pressure instrument and main motor, and clean the screen changer in time
    ② Carefully inspect and observe the gearbox, screw and main motor for noise and overheating
    ③ Carefully inspect and observe the frequency, current and temperature rise of frequency converter, and clean the dust of motor and frequency converter on time.
    ④ Correct the error between thermocouple measurement and actual temperature.
    ⑤ Correct the placement of extruder, adjust the groove wheel to ensure the placement angle and level of extruder. This article comes from Zhimeng
    3. Die system:
    ① The second heating method is adopted to prevent temperature overshoot.
    ② Before start-up and shut-down, use a copper scraper to clean the deposit, paraffin to clean the film mouth and reduce the influence of the precipitate on the film bubble.
    ③ After shutdown, timely cover the protective felt to avoid mold damage. (this method is adopted for the upper blower)
    ④ Carefully inspect and observe the temperature and current of each temperature zone and the heating plug-in of the membrane port regularly, and correct the temperature difference. Zhimeng content management system
    ⑤ Correct die head level and center point matching with traction. This article comes from Zhimeng
    ⑥ Torque wrench shall be used for disassembly of die screws, and the operation shall be conducted according to the specified torque. Molybdenum disulfide grease shall be used for high temperature part of screws.
    ⑦ It is forbidden to weld or cut the mould.
    4. Air ring maintenance: clean up sundries and dust in the air ring in time
    5. Maintenance of traction device: herringbone folding without pollution, clamping traction (cooling) roller with proper pressure, no condensate, flexible operation of flattening roller.
    6. Corona processor maintenance:
    ① Regularly clean the high voltage transformer, discharge roller, discharge rack, electric control box and adjust the discharge gap;
    ② Carefully check and observe the humidity of the equipment before starting the machine, avoid the short circuit of the discharge rack, and carefully check and observe the operation temperature of the discharge roller bearing,
    ③ Replace the silicone tube in time.
    7. Electrical maintenance
    ① Ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply, the performance parameters meet the requirements, and the content comes from dedecms
    ② Keep proper temperature and humidity, keep good grounding, and pay attention to eliminate electrostatic hazards.
    ③ Remove the radiator dust regularly. copyright dedecms
    ④ It is forbidden to repair core components with points.

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