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    Mxdc series single-layer (under rotating traction) water-cooled film blowing

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    Mxdc series single-layer (under rotating traction) water-cooled film blowing
    Product introduction
    Mxdc-55-700 single layer (under rotating traction) water-cooled film blowing unitCharacteristic:
    *Water cooling ensures excellent transparency of the film
    *The pre cooling of the cooling water ring and the self overflow water cooling of the sizing sleeve make the film bubble stable and even in thickness distribution.
    *The first and second traction are controlled by frequency conversion adjustment, the winding is driven by torque motor, and the film tension is constant. Content from dedecms
    *The hot air drying device is dry on the surface of the film, which is conducive to corona treatment.
    *The extruder has high output and good plasticizing effect.
    *The electrical control system operates reliably.
    *Suitable for PP, LDPE, mllpe and other raw materials production.
    *Polypropylene PP film is bright and transparent. It is an ideal packaging material for high-end clothing, handicrafts, photo albums, gifts and food.
    Main technical parameters:

    *Due to continuous research and improvement, we reserve the right to change the design.


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