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    Address of general department: No.2, end of Chaoyang Road, Jinyuan Industrial Zone, Shantou City, Guangdong Province (junction with Jinfeng Road) Tel:86-0754-82312127 (switchboard) 86-0754-88212599, 888881005 (Sales Department) Tel:13829480446 (General Manager) 18666685446 (foreign trade department) 18666685280 (domestic sales department) Yuenan Maoxin limited company address: Vietnam, Hanoi, Hedong, Suyou Road, the pride, building cT4, room 2612 Tel: 0084462810457 (switchboard) 0084 975697998 (overseas business department)
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    YX3 series high efficiency energy-saving motor
    YX3 series high efficienc...
    High voltage motor series
    High voltage motor series
    Ac torque motor
    Ac torque motor
    YD series variable - stage multi - speed three - phase asynchronous motor
    YD series variable - stag...
    Y2 series three - phase asynchronous motor with aluminum shell
    Y2 series three - phase a...
    YEJ series electromagnetic braking motor
    YEJ series electromagneti...
    Y2VF series variable frequency speed regulating motors
    Y2VF series variable freq...
    YE3 super efficient and energy-saving motor series
    YE3 super efficient and e...
    Dc motor series
    Dc motor series
    Explosion-proof motor series
    Explosion-proof motor ser...
    Roller motor series
    Roller motor series
    Crane and metallurgical motor series  The British
    Crane and metallurgical m...
    Siemens bader motor series
    Siemens bader motor series
    Siemens 1LGO series
    Siemens 1LGO series
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