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    What does ABA mean in the film blowing machine?  (viewed:925) [2020-04-07]
    What is the difference between PE high pressure film blowing machine and double layer co-extrusion machine?  (viewed:887) [2020-03-30]
    Understanding the environmental protection of ABA film blowing machine  (viewed:805) [2020-03-26]
    How to distinguish PE, PO, PP, OPP plastic bag material  (viewed:916) [2020-03-13]
    [share] 17 common problems of blown film (with solutions)  (viewed:772) [2020-03-04]
    [notice] four major problems of extruder will be solved for you!  (viewed:875) [2020-03-04]
    Some technical terms we often use in film blowing - Mao Xinjie  (viewed:1141) [2020-03-04]
    Do you have any experience in choosing a film blowing machine  (viewed:903) [2020-03-04]
    Do you know the material of common plastic bags  (viewed:1257) [2020-03-04]
    Causes and solutions to the instability of bubbles in blowing film  (viewed:1292) [2020-03-03]
    Three key control points in blown film production  (viewed:1157) [2020-03-03]
    Maoxin answer - HDPE brand and use, give you the most comprehensive analysis  (viewed:1091) [2020-03-03]
    Maintenance of professional film blowing machine  (viewed:730) [2016-04-19]
    What are the characteristics of low pressure Po material?  (viewed:852) [2020-03-25]
    Do you know what ABA means in an ABA film blowing machine  (viewed:947) [2020-03-17]
    The difference between high and low pressure film blowing machine and ABA film blowing machine  (viewed:879) [2020-03-14]

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