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    Guangdong Maoxin electrical Machinery Co., Ltd takes customers as the center, adheres to the concept of common development and harmony of the company, employees and customers, and pursues the idea of "the next process is the user".

    The after-sales service of Guangdong Maoxin electrical Machinery Co., Ltd includes not only regular maintenance and inspection, but also service in case of various problems. This means that your film blowing machine can be supported and operated without extra cost. Can let the customer obtain the fuller safeguard and the higher price transparency. It guarantees that customers can get first-class service at a determinable cost at any time:

    ▲ find problems early to reduce unexpected downtime

    ▲ including service fees in case of various problems

     Higher price transparency 

     Service work that can be planned

     ▲ prevent and repair the film blowing machine, so as to maximize the productivity and availability of the film blowing machine

     ▲ regular and professional maintenance of film blowing machine

     ▲ professional guidance for maintenance of film blowing machine

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