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    In our life, there are many kinds of plastic packaging products. Go to the supermarket, at a glance, almost 80% of the packaging is made of plastic materials. Fresh keeping bags, garbage bags, all kinds of food packaging bags, all kinds of fresh fruits, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid drinks, medical supplies and so on.
    And these formed packages are basically formed by film blowing machine in plastic packaging machinery and then by bag making mechanism. Film blowing machine is to heat and melt plastic particles and then blow them into film. Combine the bag making mechanism to form various packing bags. There are many kinds of film blowing machines, such as PE, POF, PVC, etc. Under normal circumstances, new materials are blown out with brand-new particles. They are all clean and stretch well. Some people use recycled plastic bags to make particles, which are generally called old materials. When they are made into particles, they are usually gray. When they are made into bags, they usually need to add pigments. The colors of the bags are uneven, brittle and easy to break, and the price is low. Although it is a recycled plastic bag, it is generally a waste bag in the bag making process, which is quite different from the garbage plastic in the general sense.
    The film blowing machine adds the dry polyethylene particles into the lower hopper, and enters the screw from the hopper by the weight of the particles themselves. When the particles contact with the inclined edge of the thread, the rotating inclined edge produces a thrust perpendicular to the inclined edge of the plastic, pushing the plastic particles forward. In the process of pushing, due to the friction between the plastic and the screw, the plastic and the barrel, as well as the collision friction between the particles, at the same time It also dissolves gradually due to the external heating of the barrel. The molten plastic is filtered by the head to remove impurities from the die mouth, cooled by the wind ring, blown and expanded by the herringbone plate, traction roller and coiling to roll the finished film into a cylinder.
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